October Thoughts

The leaves are doing their death dance, with another year window winding down. It’s the time of year when I retreat a bit and ruminate on what I’ve accomplished and what I need to work better on (and habits I should drop altogether!).  This helps me keep my life in some semblance of order with a list of priorities for the next year.

Well, as I was going through that list, I went through my music library and was looking to brainstorm with the most Autumn-sounding albums I had. And it’s difficult to describe the criteria I use to classify albums as belonging to certain seasons but I started thinking of this whole classification I seem to be doing (does anyone else do this?!). There are certain albums I will play heavily during the summer that I like to store away when it starts getting colder and then there are other albums that I pull out when there’s snow on the ground and I want to cozy up and relax under some blankets.

Perhaps to give you a better idea, I’ve classified most of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ work as belonging to the summer – maybe because it has that California vibe? My top summer albums are GnR’s “Appetite for Destruction”, Foo Fighters’ “In Your Honor” and Alice in Chains’ “Dirt”. And although I haven’t classified any artist as belonging solely to winter (if I had to classify – it would probably be Tool), there are definitely a few albums that would fit here, like the Beatles’ second album.  Additionally, I have a few albums for fall – like “Live Through This” and Jagged Little Pill”.

I don’t know my rationale behind these choices. Is it because when I first listened to these albums it was during that particular season? But that theory is disproved by a few of the classifications. Perhaps it’s just the overall vibe of an album – like upbeat, energetic music would be classified as summer. But then why does the Beatles’ second album fall into winter? Well, whatever it is, it’s my crazy way of categorizing music.

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