Hole: Live Through This (1994)

Rock and roll has been a man's world. Take a look at the most popular rock bands and hardly any of the members are women. And if they are, them being a woman and playing rock music is probably the first thing that comes up in their biographies. It shouldn't matter but this scarcity of …

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Temple of the Dog (1991)

It was March of 1990 and Andrew Wood had just passed away. The charismatic frontman of Mother Love Bone ("MLB"), who was on the verge of releasing their highly anticipated debut album, lost his battle to heroin. He was 24 years old. Whereas most Seattle frontmen depicted themselves as shying away from the spotlight, Andrew …

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PJ Harvey: Rid of Me (1993)

It was two years ago, November 2016 - emotions were running high and politics were at their lowest. With lyrics like “I'm gonna twist your head off, see" and “Don't you wish you never never met her", this album encapsulated feminine frustration at the political landscape. From the loud guitars coming in after the quiet whispered intro to the taunts aimed …

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